FARCOL started in 1989, from the desire of Mr. Manuel Correia interested in the field and created a company solely dedicated to personal protective equipment at Amadora.

Sice then we have always strived to obtain and represent internationally renowned brands that dignify the company and offer the end user full condidence in the product provinding the best service available .

With the help of all employees, the support of suppleirs and trust of customers we hope to continue the dream of a man who has made Farcol a reference point in the Portuguese market of PPE.

Our policy
It's our goal to be recognized in the personal protective equipemt market as a company that guarantees its customers to provide a higt qualtity standards service, providing products that assure users the best quality, confort and safety at the best price.
We aim to establish long-term cooperation with our suppliers to obtain products that best meet customer needs and market expectations.
We value the provision of personalized service that ensures understanding of customer needs so that the provided equipment is adequate in terms of specifications, safety and price.
We prioritize the operational optimization of human resources and infractures in order to achive adequate returns for continuous improvement of services and products available to customers.
We seek to ensure employee involvement and commitment to meeting business objectives and personal achievement in a good working environment.
Code of conduct

Commitment to the search for innovative products that increase the comfort and protection of endusers.
Transparency in our relationships with customers and suppliers.
Social and economic ethical concern.
Increased competitiveness of the organization through the capacity and efficiency of our employees and services available to customers.
Customer satisfaction based on meeting agreed conditions.
Suppliers selection for continuous product improvement.